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Welly Mulia, Co-Founder & CEO, BirdSend

Many years ago, I discovered the power of emails.

Since then, I’ve exclusively generated sales for my business via this amazing channel.

Without emails, I won't be here writing to you.

This site wouldn't exist.

BirdSend, my email marketing business, wouldn't exist too.

You can have the best content and course that solves the biggest problem in the world… but if nobody knows about it, your business will eventually die.

Your online content and course business needs mahhhneeyy to both survive and grow.

Sales bring in mahhhneeyy.

And the most profitable way to generates sales is via email marketing.

But to maximize your email revenue, make sure you’re not making the same email mistakes most people make.

And what are they?

My 7-Day Email Marketing Mistakes Challenge show you these mistakes and how to fix them, plus tips to increase your sales.

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