Looking For A Mailchimp Alternative?

Fed up with Mailchimp's recent change?

To find out which Mailchimp alternative is the best for your needs, doing your own due diligence is always recommended.

Here are 7 things to consider and see if BirdSend might be a good option for you.

1/ Mailchimp is a great generalist email marketing all-in-one marketing software. It’s meant for everyone and anyone who wants to do email marketing everything.

BirdSend is only meant for content creators who want to do email marketing.


  • 1 single audience (content creators)
  • 1 single function (email marketing)


  • anyone and everyone is their audience (masses)
  • all kinds of functions like creating websites, social media posting and scheduling, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, postcards, etc.

Typically a software that caters to everyone and anyone is cumbersome to set up and use because it’s bloated with all kinds of features that “cater for the masses”.

You can’t really fault it though. Since it’s serving everyone and anyone, the software has to consider all kinds of use cases for all kinds of users and incorporate those into the product.

Because we focus on such a hyper specific audience, we’re a no-frills platform. We don’t have bells and whistles (that a content creator doesn’t need) that bloat up the platform.

The result: easy and SUPER FAST to set up email campaigns. We challenge you to find one that's faster.

2/ Mailchimp has a free plan, but...

The free plan (with ads in your emails) can store up to 2,000 contacts and send 10,000 emails per month.

It’s fair, considering you get to use it for free.

This free plan, however, can only have 1 “list or audience”. So even if your needs are simple -- like only wanting to have a customer list and a prospect list (just 2 lists/audience) -- you can’t do that with the free plan because it only allows for 1 audience type.

Furthermore with the free plan, you can't create sequences to drip emails to contacts. This means there’s basically no automation at all.

Plus... to enjoy 5 “lists” and sequences, you can’t even get that in their first level’s paid plan. You’d need to get their 2nd level’s paid plan called “Standard”, which costs way more than BirdSend.

# Contacts

Mailchimp (only 5 "lists" or audience types)

BirdSend (unlimited audience types)

























*price on a per month basis

As you can see, Mailchimp is 3X - 5X more expensive every month than BirdSend (and yet it can only have 5 audience types compared to BirdSend’s unlimited audience types).

And if you want to have more than 5 audience types, you’d need to sign up for their most expensive plan “Premium” which costs even more (starting at $299/month for 10K contacts).

Multiply the savings by a year, 2 years, 3 years and beyond… and it adds up to a substantial amount.

If you save $50/month = you’d have saved $600 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $1,800!

If you save $100/month = you’d have saved $1,200 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $3,600!

If you save $200/month = you’d have saved $2,400 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $7,200!

Imagine what you could do with that extra money you save? 

Go to a seminar to upgrade your skills? Or maybe put the extra money to increase your ads budget? Heck, you could even pay for a new car deposit!

Or bringing in A players to become your team members? Or maybe go for a fun vacation with your family?

So how do you actually save 3X to 5X in expenses every month?

By using BirdSend as your email marketing tool.

BirdSend can easily do all of the above, and more.

What “more” things are we talking about? Things like:

  • Know your top 20% performing emails that actually convert into cash, so you can write similar more profit-pulling emails... instead of wasting yet more time writing dud emails that don't sell.
  • Identify your VIP contacts (based on who spend the most money with you, NOT based on email opens or clicks)... so you can spend more time on them, treat them better, and ultimately increase your earnings.
  • Discover how much each of your contact is worth on average... so you can acquire more contacts at will, via ads (e.g. on average each contact is worth $100; as long as you acquire them for less, you're in profit).

  • Instantly send unlimited drip/sequence emails + one-time broadcasts to specific segments of your subscribers, or to all of them — to inform about your latest online course, webinar, blog post, newsletter, workshop, special offers, etc... all with a few clicks of a button.

As you can see, BirdSend is more than just an email marketing tool. BirdSend is also a “tracking” tool that tracks your email revenue out of the box -- without any 3rd party tools.

"Switched from Mailchimp and got over 70% in Savings!"

I am an Aviation Blogger with over 1 million page views. I switched from Mailchimp to Birdsend with some savings in mind with over 12,000 recipients on my twice weekly email list. The saving was over 70%.

The transition was smoothly done with great same day support from BirdSend team. They’re on hand to answer all my queries and provide solution. Their RSS feed feature worked well with my Wordpress blog that helps me to automate to send out to the subscribers.

The best thing with BirdSend is the customer support. They’re very thorough and follow up actively with my concern. I’d highly recommend their service.

Sam Chui
Aviation Blogger with over 1.7 million subscribers

"They have the best support team I've ever come across bar none"

I was unsure about switching from my previous email service provider to BirdSend, but after some contemplation, I made the switch. My only complaint is that I wish I would have done it sooner.

The support is outstanding and the service itself is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend this ESP to any online business owner.

The process of moving from my previous email service provider to BirdSend was seamless. I didn't lose any subscribers and they offered to switch over all my forms for me. As with anything, there was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but it is very easy to use and straightforward.

The value you get for the price is absolutely incredible and they have the best support team I've ever come across bar none.

Amy R
Intentional Living Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

Switched from ActiveCampaign to BirdSend -- similar open rates but save A LOT of money each month!

Moving to BirdSend from ActiveCampaign has been a great switch for my business. Not only am I saving a lot of money each month, but the average open rates I get from BirdSend were similar to ActiveCampaign.

I love how uncluttered and easy the interface is. Plus, any time I've had questions they have been answered thoroughly and quickly.

BirdSend has the best customer service I've ever experienced!

Chantel Klassen 
Homeschooling Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

3/ Mailchimp charges you multiple times for the same email address

When you have the same people in multiple different lists, you pay for them multiple times.

Can you imagine Bob who is subscribed to 7 different "lists" gets charged as 7 subscribers. That's 7X the expenses. Ouch!!!

Over time, this can get very expensive as it's common for the same person to be subscribed to different lists. E.g. Prospect list, VIP customer list, Product A update list, product B customer list, etc.

Note: If you're doing any kind of lifecycle marketing (which you should), having a person subscribing to different lists and segments is very common.

In BirdSend we only charge the same person ONCE, regardless of whether how many different tags he is assigned to, and how many different sequences he is subscribed to.

4/ Mailchimp charges you for unsubscribed and unconfirmed contacts

On a daily basis, you're always going to have people who unsubscribe and no longer want to hear from you.

Plus when using double opt-in, there are always people who don't confirm their emails. 

All these people count towards your Mailchimp pricing. You might think these people are few and far between. But over time, it adds up and cost you a significant amount of money that you could otherwise have saved.

In BirdSend, we don't charge you for unsubscribed and unconfirmed contacts.

5/ No more unlimited email sends

Mailchimp no longer offers unlimited email sends. There's a cap for all their plans (including paid ones).

This means you'll need to constantly check and worry if you've gone over the current month's quota.

If you exceed the quota, you're going to be charged hefty overage fees.

When you factor in onboarding emails to new customers, welcome email series to new subscribers, regular broadcasts to certain segments or all your subscribers, there's a good chance you're going to exceed the monthly cap set by Mailchimp.

6/ Big corporations tend to be slow and not good at listening to customers’ feedback

Mailchimp is a big corporation with nearly 1,000 employees.

Big corporations, as you may already know and possibly experienced, tend to move/iterate slowly.

Not that they don’t have the resources to move fast, it’s just that there’s a lot bureaucracy and office politics going on. Every department needs to get the approval of another department, manager, director, etc. 

They also tend to not as actively and readily listen to customers’ feedback and suggestions, especially regarding new features and improvements.

But you really can’t fault Mailchimp. They’re not on their own. Big corporations typically have these problems.

Just keep these things in mind when you're looking for a Mailchimp alternative for your business needs.

BirdSend is a small cohesive team of 9. We’re 100% self-funded and bootstrapped. Because we’re a small team, we move and iterate fast. We’re much more willing to listen to our customers’ feedback and suggestions, and we value them even more.

Our only core focus is to make sure our customers succeed with their email marketing (more email opens, clicks, and sales). 

When they succeed, we automatically succeed as well as they’ll happily continue to pay to use our platform because the value we deliver is much greater than our asking price. Plus, they'll help spread the word out about BirdSend, voluntarily!

And to make sure our customers succeed, we’ll always have their best interests at heart by constantly improving the platform to match and exceed their expectations.

Switched from Mailchimp. Ease of setup and quick learning curve leads to a phenomenal user experience!"

An email marketing automation tool packed with great features. It can be as simple or advanced as you want it to be — depending on your needs.

I can easily and quickly set things up the way I want them — things like opt-in forms, user tags, automating the tagging process, creating sequences/drip campaigns and broadcast emails, etc.

I've used other mainstream email marketing tools before... but what I like more about BirdSend is the ease of setup and quick learning curve. Their user interface is minimalistic without compromising on advanced features. This leads to a phenomenal user experience.

Yudhistira Mauris

Digital Product Creator

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

7/ Mailchimp uses an ancient “list-based” system and charge you multiple times for the same email address

The concept of a “list” is outdated.

Many years ago before “tags” were around, conventional email automation tools put new contacts/subscribers into buckets called “lists”.

With “lists”, you’re charged multiple times if the same contact with the same email address subscribes to multiple different “lists”.

So if John subscribes to 5 of your “lists”, you’d get charged 5 contacts.

Your bill will get expensive very quickly, as it’s normal for a contact to be subscribed to multiple “lists” -- e.g. prospect list, customer for product X list, customer for product Y list, affiliate list, interested in topic A list, interested in topic B list, etc.

With BirdSend, we’ve completely removed the “list” concept and replaced it with a simpler yet more powerful “tags” feature, which provides more flexibility and ease-of-use.

When a new contact opts-in, instead of putting him into the “lead list", you tag him with “lead” AND subscribe him to the “lead sequence”.

Then when you want to broadcast to these group of leads later on, you simply specify the recipients as those who are tagged with “lead”.

Plus you only get charged 1 time even though the same contact subscribes to 10 of your sequences.

More detailed comparison?

If you're looking for a more detailed side-by-side comparison of email marketing tools, click here for the detailed comparison chart

As you can see, with BirdSend you'll save 3X to 5X in expenses every single month! It is the most affordable option.

You might be thinking:

"Won't this attract low quality spammers?"

We have a strict compliance process to weed out the bad eggs, so that only legit users can use our system. In fact, our compliance team has turned down numerous applications because they were not meeting the quality standard we're looking for. 

Or maybe:

“Well a tool that’s much more affordable usually sacrifices on quality.”

The reason why it’s so affordable right now is because BirdSend is not as well known as the other tools yet. Let’s just say we got to the “email marketing party” late. We’re the newcomer.

Because we're the newcomer, we're very prepared to work harder (heck, we even expect it) than our competitors to win your trust now and in the future -- as we strive to become the #1 email marketing tool for Content Creators. 

So there you have it -- above are the 7 things you should keep in mind when choosing a Mailchimp alternative for your email marketing needs.


That's why we even provide a FREE migration service to move everything (subscribers, sequences, emails, automations, forms, etc.) from your current email tool to BirdSend, so that it's hassle-free for you and saves you tons of time.

Customer service is BANG ON and incredibly responsive, plus the team listens to customers' suggestions
and is constantly improving the platform!

Nora Dunn
Travel Blogger

A very streamlined platform — does a handful of things really really well!

David Baer 
Digital Marketing Consultant

"Easy to use and better open rates!"

Overall, I am extremely happy with the software, the pricing and also with the customer service.

The team has been very helpful in explaining things and answering my questions.

I have also seen a better open rate than I had in the past.

I especially love how easy it is to use. I used to be on Mailchimp and found it to not always be user friendly. I also like the look of the finished emails as opposed to what they looked like on Mailchimp.

Sherri Hall
Food Blogger

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

BirdSend Has Helped Me Grow My Email List!

BirdSend has been great!

My subscriber list has increased a lot and people are responding to my emails well.

My open rate has gone up a lot and I get a definite increasein my traffic when an email goes out.

I like how easy BirdSend is to use. The import, setup of broadcasts and funnels, and pop-up have been very straight forward to use.

If I have questions, I always get a prompt answer and followup.

I love that a pop-up is included. That has increased my subscribers the most. I'm not a fan of pop-ups but this one is working well.

Setting up my weekly broadcasts and a sign-up series was simple and has been very effective for my list. The dashboard is straight forward, which I like!

I'm not very tech-savvy so I like the basics and ease which BirdSend provides both!

I'm happy with what it has done for my business and the price is great!

Amy Pelzner 
Crafting & DIY Projects Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

"WOWed by the attention to service"

Welly and his team have been amazing in getting me switched over from MailChimp.

The support team quickly responds to issues and helps me figure out what I need to do.

The pricing for BirdSend can't be beat. I was shocked by the price and then wowed by the attention to service.

Joe Lalonde

Leadership Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

We also offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for whatever reason (e.g. you just can't stand my face), we’ll cancel your free trial. Even if you go past the trial, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase.

Cancel anytime you want. You’re in total control!

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