Looking for a ConvertKit Alternative?

If yes, you've come to the right place. ConvertKit is a great email marketing tool. But it’s not for everyone (nor every creator).

Here are 5 things to consider and see if BirdSend might be a good ConvertKit alternative for you.

1/ Are you paying too much for ConvertKit?

Only you know the answer to that question.

This is what most marketers’ email workflow looks like (and most likely yours as well)...

Someone subscribes to your list.


You deliver the lead magnet.


Then you continue to nurture and build relationships with subscribers by dripping them emails over the next few days/weeks.

A few times a month, you send out broadcast emails.

Most likely… you also have some kind of email marketing automation going on. 

Things like: when subscriber opens/clicks an email link → subscribe to sequence/drip campaign or tag them with X.

Or do not send this email if subscriber has already bought product A.

Or if subscriber has completed a sequence, subscribe to another sequence.

Or if subscriber has spent $500 → tag “VIP” and send a one-off email or subscribe to “VIP sequence” (or maybe your current email tool can’t even do this?)

Or if a subscriber lands on your thank you page, record a conversion and the conversion value (if your tool can't even do the above, let alone this).

What else?

That pretty much sums up your workflow, right?

You can do all of the above (and more) AND still be saving 3X to 5X in expenses every single month.

Multiply that by a year, 2 years, 3 years and beyond… and it adds up to a substantial amount.

If you save $50/month = you’d have saved $600 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $1,800!

If you save $100/month = you’d have saved $1,200 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $3,600!

If you save $200/month = you’d have saved $2,400 every year. Over 3 years, you’d have saved $7,200!

Imagine what you could do with that extra money you save? 

Go to a seminar to upgrade your skills? Or maybe put the extra money to increase your ads budget? Heck, you could even pay for a new car deposit!

Or bringing in A players to become your team members? Or maybe go for a fun vacation with your family?

So how do you actually save 3 - 5X in email tool expenses every month?

By using BirdSend as your email marketing tool.

BirdSend can easily do all of the above, and more.

What “more” things are we talking about? Things like:

  • Know your top 20% performing emails that actually convert into cash, so you can write similar more profit-pulling emails... instead of wasting yet more time writing dud emails that don't sell.
  • Identify your VIP contacts (based on who spend the most money with you, NOT based on email opens or clicks)... so you can spend more time on them, treat them better, and ultimately increase your earnings.
  • Discover how much each of your contact is worth on average... so you can acquire more contacts at will, via ads (e.g. on average each contact is worth $100; as long as you acquire them for less, you're in profit).

  • Instantly send unlimited drip/sequence emails + one-time broadcasts to specific segments of your subscribers, or to all of them — to inform about your latest online course, webinar, blog post, newsletter, workshop, special offers, etc... all with a few clicks of a button.

As you can see, BirdSend is more than just an email marketing platform. BirdSend is also a “tracking” tool that tracks your email revenue out of the box -- without any 3rd party tools.

Here’s a price comparison of ConvertKit vs BirdSend:

# Contacts



























* Price accurate at the time of making this table. If you know a particular service has updated their prices, please contact us and we'll update accordingly.

More detailed comparison?

If you're looking for a more detailed side-by-side comparison of email marketing software, click here for the detailed comparison chart

As you can see, with BirdSend you'll save 3X to 5X in expenses every single month! It is the most affordable option.

You might be thinking:

"Won't this attract low quality spammers?"

We have a strict compliance process to weed out the bad eggs, so that only legit users can use our system. In fact, our compliance team has turned down numerous applications because they were not meeting the quality standard we're looking for. 

Or maybe:

“Well a tool that’s much more affordable usually sacrifices on quality.”

The reason why it’s so affordable right now is because BirdSend is not as well known as the other tools yet. Let’s just say we got to the “email marketing party” late. We’re the newcomer.

Because we're the newcomer, we're very prepared to work harder (heck, we even expect it) than our competitors to win your trust now and in the future -- as we strive to become the #1 email marketing tool for Content Creators. 

"I'm coming over from a much pricier platform (ConvertKit), but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience!"

The whole process of writing the email, adding links, setting up an automation so that those who clicked were tagged based on interest, scheduling the send - all so smooth and intuitive.

A gorgeous interface.

As you know, I'm coming over from a much pricier platform, but BirdSend feels like a much classier experience!

I love that the email composer is clean and simple and text-based and that there's a spam tester. Never seen anything like that before. My deliverability and reputation are very important to me and it's clear that's a high priority for BirdSend, too!

Lynna Sutherland 
Homeschooling Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

"It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (which I used for 3 - 4 years)"

Overall very positive. I annoy them a lot with questions, as I am always comparing it to ConvertKit (which I used for 3-4 years). And they are very good with replies. Plus very open to suggestions on how to improve it. It is only a new provider, which means they are still rolling out features.

When switching to a new provider, there is a learning curve (which can be frustrating) but that will happen with any new provider. So I dedicated 2-3 days to play with it - i.e. set up forms, automations and tags before switching my large list over. It was time well spent!

Affordability was important, as ConvertKit was becoming way too expensive, as my list continued to grow. I also love the functions. It pretty much does everything that ConvertKit does (or soon will be as new features are constantly being added) and more. Plus it gives me detailed analytics for each email that goes out, and collects a reason for unsubscribes.

Cath Hakanson
Sex Education Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

Switched from ActiveCampaign to BirdSend -- similar open rates but save A LOT of money each month!

Moving to BirdSend from ActiveCampaign has been a great switch for my business. Not only am I saving a lot of money each month, but the average open rates I get from BirdSend were similar to ActiveCampaign.

I love how uncluttered and easy the interface is. Plus, any time I've had questions they have been answered thoroughly and quickly.

BirdSend has the best customer service I've ever experienced!

Chantel Klassen 
Homeschooling Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen


That's why we even provide a FREE migration service to move everything (subscribers, sequences, emails, automations, forms, etc.) from your current email tool to BirdSend, so that it's hassle-free for you and saves you tons of time.

2/ ConvertKit unsubscribes your contacts completely even when they’re still interested in hearing about other topics

ConvertKit does not have the ability to let your contacts unsubscribe from you based on specific topics/interests.

When they click the unsubscribe link in your email footer, they unsubscribe from you completely.

This, obviously, poses a problem.

Contact (let's say John) who wants to unsubscribe from topic A but still wants to subscribe to topic B -- has to unsubscribe entirely from your account… thereby resulting in you losing him as a contact forever.

Imagine this happening to thousands of your contacts -- they still want to hear about topic B from you -- but because of the limitation of your email platform -- you have no choice but to bite the bullet (and compromise your business).

The (somewhat good news) is that the problem above can be partially solved by using Automation Rules that goes like this…

If contact clicks the link -- "click here if you do not want to hear about topic A again"

Tag contact with "no more topic A"

Next time when you send emails about topic A, you exclude those who are tagged with "no more topic A".

However... not everyone is going to follow your instructions. There will always be people who click the footer unsubscribe link -- which, as explained above, is going to unsubscribe them from your account completely.

This is not ideal, as you’ll be losing tons of contacts/subscribers who want to hear from you regarding other topics/interests.

Which is why in BirdSend... your contacts can choose to unsubscribe from specific topics/interests instead of unsubscribe completely from your account.

3/ ConvertKit A/B (split) testing functionality is limited

ConvertKit has A/B testing feature, which is a good thing.

However, ConvertKit’s A/B testing is very basic. 

It doesn’t allow you to specify the email ratios that go out to:

  • The original email
  • The variation email
  • The winner email

For example, if you want the following email ratios setup:

  • 30% of recipients receive the original email
  • 30% of recipients receive the variation email
  • The remaining 40% receive the winner email

You can’t.

Plus ConvertKit doesn’t allow you to specify the wait period before determining a winner. Some people want to wait for 1 day before determining a winner. Some only want to wait for 2 hours, etc.

ConvertKit’s premise is that “we determine it for you so you don’t have to think about it and spend time setting it up”. The spirit is commendable, but only for beginners who are just getting started with email marketing.

Intermediate and advanced users, however, want to have more control.

With a great ConvertKit alternative like BirdSend, we’ve hit the best of “triple” worlds that nicely cater to beginners, intermediate, and advanced users.

Upon activating the A/B test feature, you’re given the default settings of what we consider are the best and most common A/B test scenario.

Beginners can simply accept the settings and move on. But intermediate and advanced users can easily and quickly change the settings as they see fit, too.

But BirdSend’s A/B testing goodness doesn’t end there.

We also have the exclusive 1-click “resend winning email to those who haven’t opened” feature. This feature alone maximizes every ounce of your effort so that more people see your email… with just the click of a button (takes 2 seconds).

4/ ConvertKit is not geared for sales and revenue tracking

Most email marketing tools place a heavy focus on email open and click rates.

BirdSend places a heavy focus on sales and revenue tracking...

while still tracking email open and click rates. The purpose of a business is to generate revenue and profits, not to get email opens or clicks.

Open and email clicks are vanity metrics that make you feel good but don’t put money directly into your bank account.

You can’t go to the bank and tell the cashier “I’d like cash in my opens and clicks”, can you?

Revenue and profits put money into your bank account plus they make you feel good too.

ConvertKit does allow you to track sales and revenue. However the implementation is not that great. First, it doesn't tell you which emails are generating sales. Second, it doesn’t tell you how much revenue a certain email or sequence has generated.

With BirdSend, every single email you send is tracked and attributable to a monetary value that can be measured. You can even filter the results (sales & revenue) based on a certain campaign (e.g. a Facebook ad campaign that gives away your free book, or an Adwords campaign that advertises your free strategy session, etc).

Automatically calculates subscribers Lifetime Value

In addition, BirdSend automatically calculates the LTV (lifetime value) and ALTV (average lifetime value) of your subscribers based on any specific campaign you want (like those mentioned above, for example).

This easily lets you know which campaigns are winners and which are failures. You can then double down on what’s working (to generate even more sales) and discard those that fail (cut loss).

5/ ConvertKit lacks in stats reporting

While you can see the open and click rates of your ConvertKit emails, there isn’t a way for you to know other important metrics such as bounce and spam rates.

These are useful stats that tell you how healthy your email list is. If the bounce and spam rates are too high, it’s an indication that it’s time to clean your list.

Another thing is if you want to know if somebody has opened but hasn’t clicked links in your emails, there isn't a way to do this easily.

You’d have to open multiple browser tabs and manually FIND/LOCATE these people. There isn’t even a search function in the open and click stats page to search, for example, for a specific subscriber -- say I want to know if Peter Parker opened my emails or not.

In addition, the sorting of the open/click stats is not by date. Typically with other platforms, the default is to sort “who opened” by descending date.

With ConvertKit, it’s not sorted by date nor name nor email address… not sure how the sort filter works. In short, it doesn’t give users (you) an intuitive and quick way to see who opened/clicked your emails based on recency.

convertkit very basic stats

With BirdSend, we show you the complete stats. From open, click, spam, bounce rates... to sales and revenue for every email sent, including who opened, clicked, bought which of your offers and when, how much revenue generated... all inside a single page. No more back and forth loading endless pages just to get the stats.

6/ It can get messy and takes endless scrolling to find what you’re looking for (frustration and waste of time)

ConvertKit’s automation, rules, and sequences don’t have a search filter in each of their respective pages.

If you create a lot of these, it adds up over time and everything gets cluttered.

If you want to edit/update a certain automation, rule, or sequence, you’d have to manually (and endlessly) scroll through the page to FIND/LOCATE what you’re looking for (with your eyes) -- which can get very tiring.

This translates to lost time and frustration.

With BirdSend, we include a search function (based on 1 or multiple different criteria) inside each of these pages so that you can quickly and easily search what you're looking for.

Customer service is BANG ON and incredibly responsive, plus the team listens to customers' suggestions and is constantly improving the platform!

Nora Dunn
Travel Blogger

Above are the 6 things you should consider when deciding whether BirdSend might be a good ConvertKit alternative for your needs.

"Easy to use and better open rates!"

Overall, I am extremely happy with the software, the pricing and also with the customer service.

The team has been very helpful in explaining things and answering my questions.

I have also seen a better open rate than I had in the past.

I especially love how easy it is to use. I used to be on Mailchimp and found it to not always be user friendly. I also like the look of the finished emails as opposed to what they looked like on Mailchimp.

Sherri Hall
Food Blogger

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

"They have the best support team I've ever come across bar none"

I was unsure about switching from my previous email service provider to BirdSend, but after some contemplation, I made the switch. My only complaint is that I wish I would have done it sooner.

The support is outstanding and the service itself is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend this ESP to any online business owner.

The process of moving from my previous email service provider to BirdSend was seamless. I didn't lose any subscribers and they offered to switch over all my forms for me. As with anything, there was a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but it is very easy to use and straightforward.

The value you get for the price is absolutely incredible and they have the best support team I've ever come across bar none.

Amy R
Intentional Living Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

A very streamlined platform — does a handful of things really really well!

David Baer 
Digital Marketing Consultant

The switch from ConvertKit was super simple and the BirdSend team did it for me!

Switched from ConvertKit to save $$$.

Love it. Saves me $$$, didn't take me any time at all to switch. All positive.

I love the price. I now save $30 US per month since switching from ConvertKit yet I still have almost the same functionality.

Tara Fitness 
Online Business Coach

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

BirdSend Has Helped Me Grow My Email List!

BirdSend has been great!

My subscriber list has increased a lot and people are responding to my emails well.

My open rate has gone up a lot and I get a definite increase in my traffic when an email goes out.

I like how easy BirdSend is to use. The import, setup of broadcasts and funnels, and pop-up have been very straight forward to use.

If I have questions, I always get a prompt answer and followup.

I love that a pop-up is included. That has increased my subscribers the most. I'm not a fan of pop-ups but this one is working well.

Setting up my weekly broadcasts and a sign-up series was simple and has been very effective for my list. The dashboard is straight forward, which I like!

I'm not very tech-savvy so I like the basics and ease which BirdSend provides both!

I'm happy with what it has done for my business and the price is great!

Amy Pelzner 
Crafting & DIY Projects Expert

 Customer for digital marketing app - Chantel Klassen

If you're ready to give BirdSend a risk-free try, we also provide...


We even provide a FREE migration service to move everything (subscribers, sequences, emails, automations, forms, etc.) from your current email tool to BirdSend, so that it's hassle-free for you and saves you tons of time.

We also offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for whatever reason (e.g. you just can't stand my face), we’ll cancel your free trial. Even if you go past the trial, we’ll refund every penny of your purchase.

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