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    Welly Mulia is the founder and CEO of BirdSend, the only email marketing tool specifically created for Online Course Creators.

    4 Ways To Get People To Pay Attention To You

    You send emails but your subscribers don’t open.

    You ask your audience to read your blog posts but they don’t.

    You painstakingly create videos but nobody is watching them.

    It’s utterly frustrating that they don’t pay attention to you.

    Unless you have one of the best content out there in the whole wide universe… the reason why people ignore or don’t pay attention to you is because you’re boring.

    I’ve said this before… Terry Dean, widely regarded as the “grandfather of internet marketing” says “boring breeds constipated content, and constipated content doesn’t sell”.

    There are tons of GREAT content out there easily accessible with a simple Google search… what makes yours special?

    How This Post Can Benefit You

    After you’ve read this post, you’re going to know the 4 ways of getting the attention of your audience, so you never feel neglected and ignored again.

    Imagine the impact this would have on your business:

    • More SATISFIED eyeballs for your content (emails, blog posts, videos, sales pages)
    • You get to mesmerize your audience with your content
    • Your audience like and trust you more as time goes by
    • They’re more receptive of your offers and are more likely to buy from you
    • They’re more likely to come back and buy, plus refer others to you

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    How To Start A SaaS Business

    If you’ve been following me for some time, you know the business model I employ is SaaS (software as a service), in the form of Zaxaa and BirdSend.

    SaaS, as the name implies, basically means you provide software in the form of a service. You don’t actually own the software like you would when you pay a one-time fee to buy, say, Windows, Microsoft Office, or Photoshop.

    With SaaS, you pay an ongoing fee (usually monthly or yearly subscription) in order to use the software. If you cancel your subscription, you lose access to the software.

    In this post, I’d like to share with you the high-level view on how you, too, can start your own SaaS business… based on my experience running one.

    But first, allow me to explain why I chose SaaS among so many other business models out there.

    There are 2 reasons.

    First is that I got into SaaS by accident.

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    Hustle will NOT work for you

    If a popularity contest were to be held to find the one single word that is most commonly used in the startup and entrepreneurial world, I have no doubt the winner would be the following word.


    Everywhere you go in startup circles, you hear someone saying it. In a business networking event, you see someone using it.

    “The #1 key to success is through hustling.”

    “If you don’t hustle, you have no chance of success.”

    “These billion dollar companies are where they are now because the founders hustle day in and day out!”

    One of the most famous celebrity entrepreneurs who supports hustling and is always talking about it is Gary Vaynerchuk.

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