(...this is the ugly sales page for a training on how to write ugly emails that make sales day in and day out WHILE having subscribers thanking you for selling to them. If you’re offended by how ugly this sales page is or obsessed with sending fancy-designed emails, then this training is not for you)


If you ask me when beta is gonna close, the answer is I don’t know. What I do know is the price is going to increase again when that happens.

This is how I feel when I get emails like the above:

These emails are feedback for my FREE Email MISTAKES Challenge.

If my free content can get results like these, imagine what they can achieve with my paid training?

You’re here most likely because you want to write emails that don’t suck? 

Not only “not suck”, but emails that actually sell.

Over the years, I’ve run a bunch of different businesses.

From selling web design services and templates to WordPress themes and plugins… to now running a SaaS (software as a service) business in BirdSend.

And I’ve found there’s 1 thing in common from all these businesses.

Can you guess what it is?



It’s emails lah…🤦‍♂️

In all my businesses, I’ve primarily used emails to persuade people to buy. 

Including my current email marketing tool business (BirdSend) where I sell recurring software subscriptions.

Subscriptions are much harder to sell than one-off priced products. Because it’s harder to sell, I have to constantly upgrade my skills.

Which is why I have no choice but to become better and better at writing emails that sell.

Thankfully, BirdSend is a 6-figure per year business now.

And because I run an email marketing tool (together with my small nimble team of 7), I get to see a lot of email data – insider’s data that can only be gotten when you have hundreds of customers across different industries using your tool to send 30MM+ emails every month.

Hi 👋

My name is Welly Mulia and as I’ve told you above I’m the founder of a software company called BirdSend.

BirdSend primarily caters to content creators who want a simple email marketing tool with high email deliverability. 

These content creators are also interested in learning to level up their email writing skills so that their emails get CONSISTENT SALES.

Not just “feel good” numbers like how many people open their emails or click their links.

But SALES – which, undoubtedly, is the most important metric of all, right?

And this is why the Rapid Email Sales Challenge training was born – to train you to write dead simple emails that get sales day in and day out.


I want to reiterate that my main business is software, not online courses. This fact alone distinguishes me from 99% of all the other course creators.

Their business is online courses / info publishing. That’s how they make their money.

Sure I make money when I sell this training / course, but I don’t need it to survive. I survive by selling subscriptions to my BirdSend email marketing software. Sales of this course is “extra pocket money” for me – it’s nice to have, but it’s not a necessity for me.

Now before we continue further to see if this training is for you or not…

I want to be upfront.

You must get the basics right first.

Your product / service must be good.

If it sucks, it’s called scamming right? 🤔

Getting folks to buy but not delivering on your promise.

So if you don’t have or intend to have a good product / service that you’ll be proud bragging to your own child… sorry but this challenge is NOT for you.

Email marketing is just like any other skill – you become better at it the more you do it.

(read that again… the more you DO it, not the more you read or study about it)

Having the SKILLS to write emails that sell is like having your own ATM machine that pumps out hard cash whenever you need it.

Acquiring a valuable skill like this is an evergreen asset for you – no one can take it away from you.

Once you’ve learned the skill, you can’t unlearn it. It’s just like riding a bike –  once you know how to ride it, you can’t learn how to “unride”.

Additionally, email selling is a skill that costs you nothing in terms of hard costs other than the time INVESTED in writing the emails.

So the profit margin is close to 100%.

The more emails you write = the more $$$ you make.

You, too, can write profit-pulling emails when you take part in my Rapid Email Sales Challenge training…

Where you’ll discover how to effectively write dead simple irresistible emails that sell.

Here’s what you’ll discover and learn:

  • How to write ugly but captivating personal emails (that sell) in 30 mins. This is not a blog post or essay. Emails can be as short as 100 - 200 words. The shortest email I’ve seen runs at 25 words. I typically write between 150 - 250 words. But honestly, you don’t even have to count how many words when you’re writing. It’s NOT a target you must hit. I personally only count the number of words because I have to write it here to give you an average. Also, when I say ugly emails, I mean emails with mostly text with little to no images. The reason is: we want to let your CONTENT / MESSAGE / PERSONALITY shine, not how “good looking” your emails are. If you’re a fan of heavy, fancy-designed emails, this training is definitely NOT for you.
  • How to not feel gross and disingenuous when selling in emails. Not only that though, but how to turn these nasty feelings into self-confidence and pride.
  • How to stop procrastinating writing emails and how to crush this mental block once and for all
  • Stressful when writing emails? Use this method from Lesson 3 to be at peace with yourself and earn more over the long term.
  • The non-negotiable M-O-D-V rules of selling. Miss any one of these and sales are guaranteed to tank
  • How to be good at selling via emails even if you’re an introvert (like me)
  • How to ethically convince people to buy willingly (no pushy aggressive selling) via your ugly emails
  • Why you should never be afraid of rejection but instead embrace it in your business journey
  • How to get subscribers on the edge of their seats eagerly waiting your emails like how an engaged audience is willing to hold their pee while listening to a speaker on stage just because they don’t want to miss a single word
  • The proven S(E)CTS (pronounced “sex”) formula to invisibly mix content and promotion effectively… so much so that folks don’t realize you’re actually selling to them
  • Do these TWO things to make writing engaging emails effortless and second nature to you (Day 7 of the Daily Email Strategy)
  • How to use simple everyday stories in your ugly emails to make them interesting and fresh for subscribers… so they keep coming back wanting more
  • How to never run out of weird and interesting email ideas so you will always have fresh topics to email about
  • How to find the time to write emails even when it seems you don’t have any left (working 9-5 or other tasks taking up your time)

While I’d love for everyone to join (to make my wallet fat 🤑), this training is not for everyone.

This training is meant for content creators. Those who share or teach information — course creators, bloggers, coaches, consultants, podcasters, YouTubers, and authors.

This training is not for ecom brands who are purely selling physical products.

It’s not for folks who insist on using sophisticated vocabulary when email writing.

This is not training on “getting traffic” or list building or SEO or social media marketing or buying ads. This is training on how to write emails that effectively sell.

Also, if you’re looking for long hours of video content or hundreds of pages of pdf, you’re in for a disappointment.

I don’t operate that way. I like to condense information to make it practical for students to apply the strategies and tactics.

That means no long-winded beating about the bush filler stuff trying to make the content “huge”.

I try to get to the point quickly instead of wasting your time.

Additionally, this isn’t just some online training where you simply consume without taking action.

The Rapid Email Sales Challenge will be delivered via daily emails over 7 days. And at the end of each email, you’re required to complete homework relevant to that day’s lesson.

If you can’t or don’t want to do the homework, then do not take part in the challenge! I’m serious 😎

I only want to work with folks who want to do actual real work and get results. NOT folks who only DREAM of achieving results but don’t want to get their hands dirty.

The cost of admission for this training is a measly $199 $49.

Shocked? 😱

Why am I offering so much for so little?

To be honest, I have a personal agenda:

Because The Rapid Email Sales Challenge training is currently still in beta, I’m looking for case studies from students who’ve completed the challenge and implemented the lessons taught within.

So yes… while you can get in at the super affordable price of $49… you must promise me that you’ll implement what you’ve learned and report back to me your results.

This way I can fine tune this training to make it even better for future students.

To be transparent, PRIVATE beta students got in at a 50% discount. 

But that is already over. 

We’re currently at PUBLIC beta. While I can’t extend that much discount to you (wouldn’t be fair to private beta students), you can still get in at 20% off (only valid while still in beta).

That means it’s only $49 $39

You have 2 options at this point:


1/ Get just the training OR

2/ Get the training + a 30-min one-on-one coaching call with me

My regular rate is $100 for a 30-min call. But if you get it together with this training, it's only $60 (40% off).

So Training + 30-min coaching call is only $99.

In the call, you can ask me any questions related to email marketing -- e.g. deliverability, email automation, daily broadcast emails strategy, coming up with ideas, how to transition in email copy, etc.


Use discount coupon: PUBLIC-BETA on the checkout page (make sure to click [Apply] after entering the coupon):

To sweeten the deal even more, lemme throw in the following bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Operation Cash Windfall ($99 value)

I reveal the 5-Day Operation Cash Windfall emails you can send to subscribers to earn a massive payday in 5 days.

Want to be clear again though… your product / service must be good. Shitty products / services won’t work. 

After all, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You must deliver on your promises.

Bonus #2 – No Time To Write Email BS ($29 value)

No time to write emails? I’ve heard that BS a thousand times.

With this bonus, you’ll discover how to HAVE time to write emails… even when you’re busy working full-time at a 9-5 or working on other projects / tasks.

Now, this isn’t some magic bullet where you suddenly have more than 24 hours in a day or how you’ll be able to write good emails in under 5 mins.

Bonus #3 – Checklist for the entire Rapid Email Sales Challenge core training ($49 value)

A 1-page checklist for easy reference to the core strategies and tactics taught in the Rapid Email Sales Challenge. 

Whenever you’re working on your or a client’s business, you can quickly use this handy checklist to make sure you’ve got the important pieces covered before sending the next email.

Bonus #4 – Endless Email Ideas Cheatsheet ($99 value)

Don’t know what to write in your emails? I know you’re going to ask that question.

This bonus will show you 50+ ideas and writing prompts for your emails. Say goodbye to feeling stuck about WHAT IDEAS to email about.

Total: $276 BONUS value

(that’s only for the value of the BONUS, we haven’t even talked about the value for the core Rapid Email Sales Challenge training… but okay okay lah, let’s say the core training value is $0 – which is absurd btw)

That still means $276 value can be gotten for a measly $39. That’s a 85% reduction!

Wouldn’t you agree this is an amazing deal!?

Use discount coupon: PUBLIC-BETA on the checkout page (make sure to click [Apply] after entering the coupon):

Still here?

Waiting for some kind of guarantee?

Alrighty, here’s my 30 days money back guarantee.

If you show me you’ve followed the lessons, completed the exercises, written and sent your emails… and still feel that I’ve wasted your time, I’ll refund your every penny.

Use discount coupon: PUBLIC-BETA on the checkout page (make sure to click [Apply] after entering the coupon):

After going through the Rapid Email Sales Challenge, you’ll get good at writing emails that sell.

You’ll be able to sell more products / services, whether that’s your own or for your clients.

I’ve personally used these strategies and techniques in my own business to sell more than $2MM+ of my own products.

Imagine not having to worry about whether sales would come in today. 

Imagine having consistent sales day in and day out.

Imagine enjoying a massive payday when you follow the steps laid out in my Operation Cash Windfall bonus.

What would that mean for you and your family? Or your clients?

If all you did was make 1 sale from your own or a client’s business, you’d have made your investment back!

What happens if you land a $2k/month client? You do the math…

If you want to get better at writing emails like these folks:

Use discount coupon: PUBLIC-BETA on the checkout page (make sure to click [Apply] after entering the coupon):


If you ask me when beta is gonna close, the answer is I don’t know. What I do know is the price is going to increase again when that happens.

Questions? Email: help [at] birdsend.co

Welly Mulia