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How to write aDDICTIVE "SALES SLAVES"emails that bring in MAHHHNEEYY… even if you’ve never written anything

I bet you write BORING emails.

Yep... those same boring emails that your competitors (and everyone else) write to their subscribers.

The “hi firstname” or “hey firstname” thing.

The “I’m here to provide value by giving you content” thing.


Same old same old.



Here’s the thing… today we have an abundance of content on every subject imaginable.

People can just google their way.

BORING emails = don’t stand out = low engagement = low sales.

Want to know how to write ENTERTAINING yet educational, content-packed emails that get opened, clicked, and ultimately result in more sales and profit?

In my daily email course -- the “Email Mahhhneeyy PRACcourse”...

I’m going to show you how to write persuasive emails that:


  • your subscribers can’t wait to open... 
  • hook them in like a drug addict once they open your emails...
  • and hypnotize them to do whatever you want them to do (click the buy link, see your blog post, watch your video, like your page, etc).

Btw, PRACcourse = practical course.

These emails are like your SALES SLAVES, continuing to get sales day in and day out, on autopilot… even when you’re sleeping or out on a holiday with the family.

In addition to the Email Mahhhneeyy PRACcourse, I’m throwing in “The top 7 email marketing mistakes that are sabotaging your revenue” guide.

Know these mistakes, fix your profit holes, and further boost your earnings.

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Prepared by: Welly Mulia

Contains useful tips that I can start implementing right away

The email strategies taught are really good.

Most of the time when I read an email from him where he explains some strategy, it immediately becomes obvious that he used it once or several times in this very sequence.

This gives a nice feeling as he actually teaches something that he is using himself.

Moreover the emails contain valuable content. Many sequences from other Marketers are more stretched out and the density of useful tips is very low. I am glad to open each email from Welly because I know that it contains useful tips that I can start implementing right away.

Bengin Cetindere

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