Lesson 2 – How To Persuade People To Give You Their Email

Lesson 2

Now that you know email marketing is THE way to grow your sales, how do you get the email addresses of your target audience in the first place?

I placed an emphasis on “target audience” for a reason.

We don’t want to just get the email addresses of anyone. If you cater to everybody, you lose. Big time. Every time.

We ONLY want to get the email addresses of those who are interested in our niche/industry.

Seriously, what good would it do if you have 1 million email addresses, but none of them are interested in your topic?

Next, should you buy email lists and then spamming the hell out of them?

Nah… that’s lame! Not to mention it’s illegal too. You’ll get caught and might end up in jail.

The correct and best way is to let your target audience voluntarily give you their email address own their own accord.

This is called permission-based marketing. You only send emails to folks who have given you permission to contact them.

But people won’t just give you their email address for no reason. They already have too many emails waiting to be read in their inbox.

So what to do?

The solution is to give away something valuable for free in exchange for their email address. This something that you give away for free is called a “lead magnet” or “freemium”.

A lead magnet, as the name suggests, is something that attracts a lead. This can be in the form of a free ebook, video, tutorial, checklist, discount coupon, etc. that your target audience find valuable.

Lead Magnet / Freemium Examples:

  • An ebook that teaches high school students how to excel at math.
  • A video showing moms who have just given birth how to lose their weight.
  • A checklist for insurance agents of what they should do when meeting prospects.

Because a lead magnet is created based on your expertise, and people only need access to an internet connection in order to view it, lead magnets do not incur any hard costs. Giving away to 1 or 10 or 100 or 1000 people won’t really cost you anything.

Lead Magnet Myth

Your lead magnet/freemium does NOT have to lengthy or huge or complex.

It just needs to help solve 1 specific problem with 1 specific solution with 1 specific segment of your market.

If your lead magnet can do it in 2 pdf pages, or 5 minutes of audio or video, then there’s nothing wrong with that as long as it’s delivering value and helping solve or alleviate the problem.

In fact, everyone is so busy these days that people will appreciate that you’re skipping the filler and fluff and just get straight to the point.

Permission-Based Mass Email Marketing

As we’re talking about permission-based mass email marketing, you need to understand that you don’t actually login to your email inbox and then manually sending emails from there.

You need to use an email automation tool to help you send and automate the sending of multiple emails to hundreds / thousands / tens of thousands / hundreds of thousands of your subscribers.

If you don’t use an email automation tool (sometimes also referred to as an “email autoresponder”), you’d have to record all email marketing activities inside an Excel spreadsheet:

  • You record how many subscribers you got each day
  • You keep track which subscribers are supposed to receive which email today
  • You send out all emails manually one by one
  • You repeat the process every single day
  • Imagine over the years when you’ve accumulated tens of thousands of subscribers. It would take you the whole day (most likely weeks) just to do one day’s worth of work. You’d have no time left for other important tasks in your business.
  • Not to mention you don’t have stats to keep track of how many subscribers open and click each specific email, and how much email revenue they bring in to your business. This means you can’t measure your performance.

The answer to this is to use tool/software to automate the whole process, from collecting subscribers… to sending out tens of thousands of correct emails to the correct subscribers… to keeping track of revenue and how much each subscriber is worth to you, on average.

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